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Kaadas and Ossia Redefine Security Tech Landscape at CES 2024
Release date: 2024-01-15
As the curtain falls on CES 2024, we at Kaadas are thrilled to reflect on an electrifying showcase of innovation and collaboration. Serving as the custom partner pod at the Oaais booth #52339, we embarked on an exhilarating journey, spotlighting our smart locks integrated with Ossia's revolutionary Cota Real Wireless Power Technology.

At the CONNECTIONS Summit on Jan. 9, CEO of Kaadas North America (www.kaadassolutions.com), Nick English, presented a compelling session titled "Enhancing Home Security: Protecting What Matters." Leaders addressed growth in interactive security used to bolster deterrence and AI-driven solutions that enhance safety and peace of mind. Their enlightening discussion offered attendees a sneak peek into the inventive mindset driving Kaadas.

On Jan. 11, William Yang, General Manager of Kaadas Global Business (www.kaadasgroup.com), took the stage at the Ossia Booth, delivering an impactful speech on "Empowering Security: Wireless-Powered Smart Locks." The spotlight shone on our Z-Wave Smart Lock Line Portfolio, unraveling the evolution of smart locks and battery consumption. The unveiling of Kaadas Smart Deadbolt, featuring Ossia Cota Real Wireless Power, broadened the possibilities for Kaadas' latest product lineup.

As CES wraps up, we extend our gratitude to the visionary minds who engaged with us, propelling the boundaries of technology. The event marks a pivotal moment for Kaadas as we continue shaping the future of security with unparalleled smart solutions.


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