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Discover Kaadas Z-Wave Locks Lineup Certified by Alarm.com
Release date: 2023-11-30
Exciting Update! Kaadas obtains Alarm.com Certification for 3 more Z-Wave smart lock models.
We are delighted to share that three more of our advanced Z-Wave locks have received the prestigious Alarm.com certification. Meet the latest additions to our certified lineup - the KA202 Z-Wave Fingerprint Keypad Deadbolt, the KA210 Z-Wave Key-Free Touchpad Deadbolt, and the KA214 Z-Wave Touchpad Lever Lock.
  • The KA202 Z-Wave Fingerprint Keypad Deadbolt features a 3D biometric fingerprint scanner and is capable of unlocking in as little as 0.3 seconds. Additionally, users may lock/unlock via the integrated backlit keypad with personalized access codes or by using a traditional key.
  • The KA210 Z-Wave Key-Free Touchpad Deadbolt features several standout safety features that Alarm.com service providers can leverage as key selling points to customers. The KA210 is capable of auto locking, has a lockout mode and away mode, and comes equipped with unique PIN code features, such as the generation of a one-time pin code which disappear after use.
  • The KA214 Z-Wave Touchpad Lever Lock integrates industry-leading security with modern luxury. The KA214 supports one-time PIN code generation, one-touch unlocking, as well as remote management and access. 

This comes hot on the heels of our July 2023 announcement, where Kaadas proudly unveiled the Alarm.com certification for key Z-Wave smart lock models including the KA200 Key-Free Keypad Deadbolt, the KA201 Keypad Deadbolt, and the KA211 Touchpad Deadbolt.
Now with these certifications, integrators and installers have even greater access to Kaadas Z-Wave certified locks on the Alarm.com platform. Level up your security with Kaadas – a fusion of innovation and certified excellence for unparalleled protection!
For additional information about Kaadas locks, visit the Kaadas North America website at www.kaadassolutions.com.  


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